Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stinking Badges...and Ultrarunning

Not long ago, the bride and I watched Treasure of the Sierra Madre, with Humphrey Bogart, just because it's a classic we had never seen.

We were amazed to see this iconic clip in the film and realized that this movie was the source.  Maybe that's common knowledge, but not to me or the bride.  Yet another reason to watch the classics--they are classics for a reason, and you learn things.

The link to Ultrarunning is that you put on your running shoes and head out onto a trail.  Depending on your plans, you may wish to carry along some greater or lesser amount of gear to make your run safer or more comfortable. 

But the bottom line is that you don't need any stinking badges.  The activity and its practitioners are a laid-back, forgiving, and welcoming lot.  No prerequisites mandated, you just run. 

And that's the simple, elegant beauty of Ultrarunning.


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