Tuesday, March 8, 2011


[Note--this may have been posted already on Monday but it wasn't supposed to go up until Tues AM.  Blogger software seems to be working strangely today]

I liberated this photo--I think--from a magazine in a doctor's office (it may have even been People, although I am loathe to admit the fact that I would even touch such a publication).  I make this confession because as a writer and dabbler in media, it is vitally important to me that proper credit be given to sourcing.

Unfortunately, in this case, I cannot credit my source due to my lack of knowledge, or I absolutely would.

Anyway, I keep this 8.5 x 11 print on the wall of my cubicle at work, and you would not believe how many comments it evokes.  It's almost as if Einstein himself were standing there.

No nexus with Ultrarunning, other than the fact that Albert looks pretty buff, although his fitness isn't reminiscent of a runner's physique.

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