Friday, March 4, 2011

More XM Radio...and Ultrarunning

The Ultrarunning content is at the end, relating to this video.

Wednesday on the way in to work we had a carpool snafu. While I had been expecting to be a passenger (and snoozing!) for the 1-hour trip, I wound up unexpectedly driving alone because the other driver thought I was not coming in, and our other two people were out as well.

XM Radio assuaged my troubled psyche by serving up a plethora of "sing-along songs" on the 60s channel. Here's a partial list:

Red Rubber Ball (Cyrcle)
98.6 (Keith)
Soul Deep (Boxtops)
She's Not There (Zombies)
Hello Goodbye (Beatles)
Woodstock (Crosby, Stills, Nash + Young)
My Girl (Temptations)
California Dreamin' (Mama and Papas)

My throat became sore from singing (I do not subject my carpool mates to singing, which is reserved for only when I am alone).

Oh, and the Ultrarunning connection?  Thursday when I ran Harshman Road at daybreak, the morning sun was shining like a red rubber ball.  I have to look up the atmospheric physics of that phenomenon, but we've all seen it and it's a striking effect.  Plus I was also thinking, how many people in our circle of acquaintances are ever deliberately on foot and outside when the sun rises?  Not many, I'd venture to say.  Great great day to be alive and running.

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