Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Night Runs, Part 2

Yesterday I posted about walking and running with the bride, and about seeing Venus in all its glory.

Today I want to post about simply running at night. 

Being male, I seldom have to worry about my personal safety as women do.  My rural nocturnal runs from my home are presumed to be safe, and whenever I travel for work, I make it a point not to run anywhere and anytime that would be stupid.

That said, if you think about Ultraunning, in races and frequently in training we run at night on trails.  Think about that, and how it runs so counter to conventional wisdom about staying safe.  We run in the woods at night, often alone.

That is an incredible statement about the level of commitment that we ultrarunners have to our sport.

But what is even more remarkable to me is that we actually don't think that running alone on trails at night is particularly remarkable.  Again, this may well be skewed by my maleness and the inherent safety factor that entails, but I never feel unsafe in the woods at night.  I view it as an opportunity that few people experience, to their detriment.  I'm a richer man for doing that sort of activity.

No bogieman, no bad guys, just me, the trail, and my headlamp (or flashlight).  And a rich experience of physicality, focus, and I guess spirituality that you just don't get in daylight.


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