Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cheyney U Concert Choir...and Ultrarunning

Tuesday at work (I'm a Federal employee) we had a special treat--a program in honor of Black History Month.  The core of the program was a number of selections by the Concert Choir of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. (archive photo above).  Employees were encouraged to attend.

Some eight women and six men made the trip to central PA, plus their choral director and an accompanist.

The music was sweet and lovely, consisting to a large extent of modern arrangements of traditional Negro spirituals.

Relationship to Ultrarunning?  Although I never use music devices when I run--just not my preference--music does figure strongly into my trail running.  I have a number of "sing-along" tunes in my head and often sing aloud.  When I'm by myself, of course!

The music in my head from this concert is of another sort--not a driving beat or a melodious ballad.  But rather a soaring sort of swelling harmony that would be appropriate for a spectacular view, or a beautiful sunset along the trail.  A pure, sweet offering of the best that these young people had.  That's what'll be in my head for a long time to come.


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