Monday, February 14, 2011

Cloud Computing...and Ultrarunning

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Got this unsolicited email at work the other day, part of which is reproduced below:


By now, we know that you know what Cloud Computing is along with its benefits. But the $64,000 question is do you know how to get there?

Join DLT Solutions and for the Best Practices for Achieving Migration to a Cloud Model webcast on Wednesday, February 23rd at 2pm (EST) to learn the steps agencies should take to aid in their migration to cloud-based solutions. DLT Solutions' own CTO, Van Ristau, will be presenting along with panelists Dawn Leaf, Senior Executive for Cloud Computing from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Greg Potter, Analyst with In-Stat....

To which I replied:

Nope, I have no idea what Cloud Computing is. Frankly, don't care.

Then I hit unsubscribe.  But the terminology got me to thinking about clouds.  I may have blogged about this some months ago, but this summer I was out on a solo run at lunchtime at work because all my running buddies were either on travel, in a meeting, etc.  I sent an email later to bust them for missing the run, when it was so pleasant.

I was describing the cloud cover as being, say 46%, and asked them how I would know, with that precision, how much cloud cover there was.  Note that this run is entirely in the open.  Basically I used my running watch to time how much I was running in the shade vs how much time I was running in the sun.

My cloud computing answer was 46%.


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