Thursday, February 17, 2011

Your Mainstream Media

I do a lot of reading about current events and find I don't rely all that much on what you'd call the mainstream media.  I use BBC news for much of my world news, as well as the British take on news here in the U.S.  Moreover, I tend to rely on the so called "left-wing blogosphere" and scan a number of progressive blogs pretty much daily.

Anyway, when I ran across the following list, I knew that Lisa at That's Why had pretty much nailed it as far as I am concerned (credit also to Just an Earth Bound Misfit,I, for the link that I followed to Lisa)

Instead of listening to music this morning, I made the mistake of turning on Morning Joe on MSNBC. After about ten minutes, here's what I decided I'd like to see from the media:

Homeless people talking about homelessness.

The unemployed discussing unemployment.

People without pensions, large savings accounts, golden parachutes, trust funds, Roth IRAs or 401ks talking about Social Security.

Women of child-bearing age discussing reproductive policies.

Government workers setting the record straight about their salaries and benefits packages which are allegedly driving this nation to the brink of bankruptcy.

People without health insurance walking us through their experience with the American health care system.

Workers discussing business policies.

Family farmers talking about farming and food.

Small business people discussing about small business.

Students, teachers, administrators and parents talking about education.

People without access to opportunity describing what it's like for them.

Scientists talking about environmental policy.

Illegal immigrants describing what it's like to live in a place where you're part welcome, part not.

The uber rich, with a straight face, describing their lavish lifestyle to a group made up of the underclass and including, but not limited to, the elderly, children, veterans and anyone who lost their retirement funds to the swindlers of Wall Street.

People who hire undocumented workers explaining their motivations for doing so.

Lobbyists truth telling about how they influence the government.

Politicians admitting who they really answer to.

Pundits explaining that they're pretty much talking out their asses.

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