Monday, February 28, 2011

Harshman Road...and Ultrarunning

Today as February exits the temp is expected to hit the 60s here in southern Pennsylvania, but with rain, winds and thunderstorms, as a strong front rolls through. I am hoping our snow is over—my skiing days are long over for fear of injuring my legs for running—but I still would not be surprised by a late-season snow.

That said, there still is something magical about running in the snow. Here are a recent couple shots from earlier this winter of one my favorite runs when I just need to knock out a quick 5 around the house. Or my so called “Harshman Road Loop” can be infinitely expanded to any distance using a network of rural roads.

We all have our Harshman Roads, a comfortable run that we gratefully use or fall back on when the trails are impractical.  It’s not trail running, mind you, but really not a bad substitute for it as a matter of time and convenience. And of, course, with a great view of the mountains, to keep my mental focus of where the real running is.


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