Thursday, February 10, 2011

Medicaid Belt Tightening

Time to get political again, I guess.

From Diane at Cab Drollery on 4 Feb 2011. As a government employee, I have good health care. But I shudder to think if I did not, and tens of millions of Americans are in that particular boat. Heading up that particular creek, and they just lost their paddles.

(Diane's post links to this LA Times article )

Helpful Advice

Yeah, right, this is going to help states out when it comes to Medicaid expenses.

On Thursday, in a move that reflected both the changing political landscape and the still-troubled economy, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to governors suggesting a range of cuts, including removal of some people from the program. ...

The Obama administration is suggesting that governors could cut optional health benefits that many Medicaid programs offer, such as physical therapy, dental care, eyeglasses and even some prescription drugs.

States could also require beneficiaries to pay more for some of these services.

After all, the people using Medicaid (MediCal in California) are poor. They probably don't vote. And besides, they are entitled to the same things that rich people are, the best medical care money can buy. If they don't have the money, well, they get what they deserve, which ain't much.

Besides, glasses, fillings for cavities, physical therapy after injuries, medicine, these are just frills, luxuries, if you will. Surely they can eat cake without the icing.

It is to die for.

The richest country on the planet and we cannot take care of the least of our brethren.  This is not a priority for the Congress because--literally--they are all millionaires.

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