Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Psychopath, on Psychopaths

Think about the following quote when you listen to candidates for office appealing for your vote. 

I am particularly referring to those on the conservative side who would want to keep defense and homeland security spending as is or higher, while arguing how Social Security and Medicare and going broke (not true), thus recipients must accept diminished benefits. Or how saving the unborn  becomes paramount, even when it literally means hijacking a woman's body to serve as an unwilling incubator:

When someone cannot go beyond themself and begin to consider how their actions affect others and are solely motivated by their own self-interest, we call them psychopaths.

From a Today show interview, 25 Oct 2012, between Matt Lauer and convicted DC sniper accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo (via telephone from jail, where he is serving a life sentence...mastermind John Muhammad has been executed).

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