Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Groucho...Or, the Generation Gap

One of my neighbors has a fat gray tabby kitty that loves to bask in their driveway.  I often pass the cat when I am running. 

I suspect that it is old and likely hard of hearing, because I usually say "Hey, kitty!" as I pass, but it never reacts.  Then again, perhaps the cat simply believes I am beneath him (one of the 99%).

Anyway, the neighbor's cat has a moustache.  It's not as striking as that of this kitty...

...but its moustache is definitely there (image credit here).

Which brings me to the generational comment in the title.  I had almost forgotten a similarly moustached cat from when daughter worked in a vet's office.  We picked her up one evening after she was cleaning out cages, etc. and she was excited to show us "Groucho."

Except that she botched the name and called him--phonetically speaking--"Goo-cho."  She was obviously too young to have seen Groucho Marx perform on TV or in movies, and in her cultural travels had also missed him as a show business icon.  So Marx's famous moustache was simply not in her realm of experience.


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