Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting Physicked...and Ultrarunning

Couldn't sleep the other night so returned to the great room for some late night TV.  The "interesting" commericals one sees are nothing short of astounding.

Guess what?--many of the commercials late at night deal with urogenital issues, sexual performance issues, and pooping issues.

Case in point was for a product called "Colon Flow."  This product falls into the last category above.  You can imagine what it does, but the name, well, just doesn't cut it.  You don't want a product name that kinda implies a torrent of poop (but here's the legit phone number anyway: 800-931-8197, although I have no financial interest in it).

Which brings me back to the title of this post.  The bride's grandmother once ate sauerkraut at our home and very shortly headed quite rapidly to the bathroom, announcing that the sauerkraut had physicked her (our elders sometimes provide too much body information!).

I looked it up and it is indeed a word.  I am hoping to bring the verb "physic" back into common usage.  Example: with respect to the inexplicable factoid I learned on the Today Show this morning: "Mitt Romney is gaining ground among women...this physics me."

Oh, and the link to Ultrarunning?  Hitting the trails seems to physic me, as I usually must swerve off the trail and head behind a tree soon after beginning a run.  Perhaps instead of sending for some "Colon Flow" people should head for a trail run instead.

Or--cue the dramatic music--perhaps I am obsessed with the topic?  After all, I've previously posted about things poopy here and here.  maybe I need professional counseling?


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