Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mister Tristan on the Appalachian Trail

Took Mister Tristan--the 4 year old human being, not the blog--over to the Appalachian Trail this weekend for a short hike.

To you folks who know the trail here in south-central PA, we parked at Old Forge and hiked north to the Tumbling Run shelters, so this was pretty short.  The main purpose was just to get out, take a short walk, and drink from a spring to let Mister Tristan know that's how water originally was obtained back in the old days...not from a faucet.

Along the way we saw some deer, some other small critters, and lots of teaberry plants with fruit.  You eat one of these berries and it's like chewing the teaberry gum we enjoyed as kids back in the 1950s: 

The berries are the size of peas, to give you a sense of perspective.

The Tumbling Run spring, which I have never seen go dry.
Mister Tristan's new hiking boots.
Spiderman enjoyed the hike as well.

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