Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Duct Tape, the Apocalypse...and Ultrarunning

Via Boing Boing (if you're of a scientific bent, or even the slightest bit geeky, you must visit this site regularly!), we see conclusive evidence that the Apocalypse surely is upon us:
The fact that Justin Bieber duct tape even exists is proof positive that the end times are here.  Tonight, if the mother ship again fails to show up for me, I may as well end it all.
Many Ultrarunners swear by duct tape as an essential item of gear, especially using it to tape up the feet for long runs as a blister preventative.
I've tried that, and it just doesn't work (your mileage may vary, however).  It just took too much time and effort and didn't stay put on my feet anyway through hours of use and tens of miles run. 
I think a sounder approach is simply to put enough long distance miles on your feet so that they become tough and trained to stand up to, well, long distance miles.


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