Saturday, April 7, 2012

Alcoholic Monkeys...and Ultrarunning

Not minimizing the effects of human alcohol abuse, etc., just think this clip and story from the BBC is pretty funny.

The inevitable result begins around the 1:45 mark. If YouTube video will not play, go here.

Explanation from the site:
In 2009, the BBC television show Weird Nature went to the West Indies island named St. Kitts to film vervet monkeys snatching cocktails from beach-goers and then proceeding to get drunk. According to the clip, the monkeys were brought from West Africa 300 years ago with the rum-making slaves and they acquired a taste for alcohol from eating the rum's leftover fermented sugar cane. The footage was produced and directed by award-winning media company, John Downer Productions.

The link to Ultrarunning is that some of us like to enjoy an adult beverage after a race.  Not a good idea, at least until your hydration comes back into equilibrium and you can process alcohol normally. 

The worst headache I ever got in my entire life came after a hot and steamy 5 mile road race sponsored by a beer distributor.  I had 2-3 beers immediately after the race instead of water or Gatorade.  Later in the day I worked outside, continued to sweat, and suddenly was down hard with blinding, migraine-like head pain that persisted overnight and well into the next day.


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