Thursday, April 26, 2012

Favorite Ultrarunning Clothing

[photos by Gary]

For me, one of my favorite garments is a baseball cap from the 2002 JFK 50 Mile Run.  This was not swag from the race, but sold by an apparel vendor the night before at an expo at the race packet pickup.

I wear this cap when I run, pretty much year-round (though when it gets much below about 35 F or so, I do don warmer headgear).  Anyway, after 10 years of hard use, the buckle in the sizing band on the back corroded through and I was forced to do some repairs in the form of sewing male and female Velcro strips onto the sizing band.  See below:

If I do say so myself, the repair looks professional and should keep the cap functional for another 10 years.

By the way, I never wash this cap or wear it in the rain or snow.  I keep adding layer after layer of crusty white sweat to it.  I have told the bride that if I predecease her, this cap must be among the memorabilia and photos that should be displayed at my memorial service.  Possibly more than anything else, this cap embodies my identity as an Ultrarunner.

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