Wednesday, April 4, 2012


One final C+O Canal post (unless I look at my photos again and come up with another idea!).  Below is a view of Dam # 5, looking across to the WV side.  The water was high, but not nearly at flood stage (click photos to enlarge):

Next is a shot I was practically mesmerized by, a 30' tree trunk that was caught in the hydraulic immediately below the dam:

This tree trunk--15' of which was stood up vertically out of the water in this shot--was tumbled incessantly, both end for end and rolled.  It would disappear for 10-15 seconds, then pop back up, still caught in the hydraulic.  There was no escape.  Had this been a crazy kayaker, he/she undoubtedly would have also been trapped and drowned.

I love water, and although I am a decent swimmer, rushing water such as that above scares me.  The weight and the force are irresistible.


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