Friday, April 20, 2012

The American Way of War

Via Dianne at Cab Drollery on 17 April, a great David Horsey cartoon from the LA Times entitled War, The American Way:

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The post then goes on to quote from cartoonist Horsey's review of the new Rachel Maddow book, "Drift":

Maddow's core thesis is that in the decades since the end of the war in Vietnam, there has been a steady and dramatic shift in the way the United States goes to war. There was a time when Congress stepped up to its constitutional responsibility to say when the country would send troops into battle. Once engaged, the entire country took part. Now, Maddow writes, the president can churn up a war anytime he wants, Congress rolls over, and only a tiny fraction of Americans do the fighting while the rest blithely carry on with their normal lives.

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