Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cold, Rainy Run

After a March that was 10+ degrees warmer than normal, April has been downright chilly.  In fact, on Monday morning after the bride dropped me off on her way to work so I could run back home, I encountered 38 F temps, a stiff headwind out of the west at 20 mph, and a stinging rain mixed with occasional wet snowflakes.

In short, it was a somewhat miserable run.  Although I was properly dressed for the occasion, still I was thoroughly chilled by the time I got home after 7 miles.  Thank goodness the wood stove was blazing and I quickly was warm and dry again.

Despite the poor conditions, while I was actually running, I quite enjoyed it.  After all, I could be in a situation where I could no longer be a runner, or even commenced the long dirt nap.  I always say that some of my best runs are when external conditions, frankly, suck.  I call it the smugness factor--you're out there and nobody else is because it's pretty miserable. 

Complaining about the weather is nonproductive.  Within reason, there is no such thing as bad weather, just weather for which you are not prepared.  And in any case I continue to thank my lucky stars for life and health and the ability to run.

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