Monday, April 30, 2012

Federal Budget...and Ultrarunning

Saw a great post over at Firedoglake a couple weeks ago that with plain and simple graphics talks to the Federal Budget...and options for solving "the problem."

I can't embed the graphics so I ask you to click over there.  But the narrative is quite simple and direct:

If you are truly worried about the budget deficit, which is an idiotic thing to actually be worried about at a time of incredibly low government borrowing rates and high unemployment, the place to start would be looking at the basic outline of the federal budget.

Our Federal budget is mostly military spending, public health care spending, and Social Security. If you really want to reduce the deficit your options are raise taxes or cut from those three. Since our tax rate is low by international and historic standard, it could be easily raise tax revenue by a modest amount.

When it comes to cuts, though, any legitimate cost benefit, efficiency or needs analysis would say radically cut the military spending is the most logical move.

The simple fact is that the United State is a nuclear power. We are a mostly geographically isolated country. We only share a border with two smaller and weaker allies. Finally, we have a well-armed and fiercely nationalist population that makes a theoretical foreign occupations a bloody nightmare.

Even if we eliminate all military spending except for the national guard, there would still be zero chance the USA would be invaded or attacked by another nation state. Achieving what should be the only real goal of our military can be done for probably about 1/40th our current spending.

Tough to argue with that.  Ponder while you're out the the trails today.

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