Friday, April 6, 2012

Weeping Redbud Night Shots

[Image credit Gary, click to enlarge]

I love my Eastern Redbuds, as I have posted frequently.  My front yard contains about 7 of these, either transplanted from the wild locally or descendants of such wild trees.  In our backyard, however, we planted a specimen plant from a nursery, a weeping redbud.

These are a couple shots of the weeping redbud with my pocket Nikon Coolpix using a tripod.  I had it on auto-exposure and the exposure time seemed like 3-4 seconds.

I like how the landscape lighting--the uplight--provides sufficient illumination for the shot.  Also how the other path lights show up as well.  In the far right of 2nd shot the waterfall of our water garden is visible (it has its own spot shining on it).

The bride and I handle most of our landscape design and labor, but for this lighting project we engaged a professional: Gardensmiths of Greencastle, PA.


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