Monday, May 14, 2012

Amazing Race and Survivor

Well, both Amazing Race and Survivor are history now.  The bride and I are avid followers of the genre, dating back to the days of the original outdoor adventure show, the Eco-Challenge.

Spoilers follow if you didn’t catch Sunday night’s Survivor yet.

Anyway, our consensus was that this season’s crop of contestants was uninspiring.  Over at the Amazing Race, of the final four couples, all teams contained at least one a**hole and some teams had two.  The team that won—Rachel and Dave—was indeed the strongest and most deserving based upon their performance in the game.  But we just didn’t warm up to them and never wanted to actively root for them.

In Survivor, Kim took the honors, and in retrospect she did play a masterful game and was the most deserving.  But again, we never felt “That Kim is awesome—she should win.”  I guess what struck me most about this season’s Survivor was the herd mentality. I mean, why on earth did Colton have any acolytes at all, ever?  Why would somebody be swayed by anything he would say?  Yet he was a kingpin until felled by a medical evac.  But it think he’ll be back for another season. 

And as for Kim, it never seemed to occur to any of the other players to challenge her.  It was like she wore the crown the whole time and the worshipful subjects just did her bidding.

Of course, all this is easy to speculate about now.  I’ve never been hungry in the jungle for a month.


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