Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Gay Marriage...and Ultrarunning

As usual, the Earth-Bound Misfit nails it:

First off, let's be clear on one thing: The vote on North Carolina's Amendment One, just like their earlier one, was nothing more than an exercise in hatred. Nobody has ever shown how allowing gays to marry would diminish the rights of straight people to marry. No, this is a matter of a bunch of old, bigoted (mostly white) folk using the cudgel of government to pass judgment on the private lives of other people.

The matter of gay marriage will go, ultimately, to the Supreme Court, which will have to decide if equal rights and equal protection under the law means what it says when applied to gay people. I imagine that one of the topics of discussion will be the lack of proof that allowing gay people to marry harms, in any way, straight people.
The efforts by the homophobes on the Right to push gays and lesbians back into the closet will fail, just as their earlier pushes to marginalize women and people of color have failed. They will lose in the courts and, ultimately, they will lose in society at large.

Meanwhile, out on the trails, the issue sexual orientation matters not a bit.  People are just people.  Maybe we should be the model for society.


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