Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Running Shoes

I have blogged about my running shoes before, here, but time to recap. 

Road.  I have two pairs of road shoes (Asics 2160) that I alternate between, as that is where I do most of my running. 

Trail.  For the trails I have a pair of Vasques (model ?) and a old pair of Montrail Vitesse for the worst of rocky trails.  For soft trails or dirt roads r for a course like JFK (trail and road)I have a pair of Asics Trail 2140 and an old pair of Adidas Trail Response.

Oh, and a pair of Adidas to which I affixed hex head screws for icy winter running.  Overall I like Asics best, as they fit and wear reliably over the years, regardless of model.


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