Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cows, Death, and Ultrarunning

[photo by Gary, cemetery and cows on Reservoir Road, Franklin Co., PA.  Click to enlarge, ESC to return]

Cows must be immortal, at least in their minds.  They pay no heed to human trappings of death.  They seem to live their lives placidly and without a thought for the future or any gloomy end that will befall them.

Along the rural roads that comprise my running routes from my home, there are numerous churches with associated burial grounds, plus other stand-alone cemeteries. You can hardly throw a stone around here without hitting a tombstone.

I write here often about death and cemeteries.  I suppose that might seem morbid or unhealthy, but to me it's just a normal thought process as I get older.  Death is not so far removed to me now as it once seemed to a twenty-year-old.

The fitness that comes from Ultrarunning has granted me--I hope--some extra healthy years.  And if not, the sport has at least given me a much happier ride along the way.


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