Friday, May 18, 2012

More Golf Balls...and Ultrarunning

[photo by Gary]

Well, it happened yet again--finding another golf ball (2, actually) in a cornfield along a rural road, away from any homes.

My previous in-depth coverage of this phenomenon is here and here.

I could not resist busting my running buddy, Jack, who also is a serious golfer, by spinning this find and photo into a Chuck Norris joke.  Jack hates Chuck Norris jokes and doesn't think they are funny.  He is wrong--the real joke is that they are not funny...and that's what makes them funny.  Or something.  Anyway, on to the joke:

Speaking of balls, Jack won a contest thru Golf Digest to play  a 1-hole match with Chuck Norris.  Jack’s ball is pictured on the left.  He considers it his lucky ball since he has used it with some success and without losing it since before the winter.  Jack went first and wound up making par on the hole.

Chuck’s first shot was headed for a hole-in-one (of course) when a squirrel ran out at the last moment and stole the rolling ball only 6” from the cup.  The new ball Chuck used just for the 6” tap-in is also pictured, on the right. 

The squirrel, unfortunately, did not survive.

The link to Ultrarunning?  The day I find a golf ball along the Appalachian Trail may indicate it's time to retire from the sport.


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