Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cats in Art: Caroline Luise Kaercher With Cat (Street)

From my continuing weekly Sunday series of cats in art. The bride and I visited the Carnegie Museum of Art recently, and we thoroughly enjoyed looking around the galleries for cats.  Due to limited time, and the presence of Mister Tristan (the 4-year old human being, not the blog), this was the only cat image we saw.

Image credit Carnegie Museum of ArtCaroline Luise Kaercher With Cat, Robert Street, 1830, oil canvas, 30" x 25", held by Carnegie Museum of Art. Pittsburgh, PA.

The image is a bit grainy to discern, but to me the kitty actually seems to be enjoying the attention.  Not quite relaxed, but OK with the situation...for now, anyway. 

Of course, since we seldom know what a cat is really thinking, the feline may just as easily be looking for the opportunity to bolt.


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