Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Backyard Birdcam...an Ultrarunner Can Have Fun With This!

For Christmas, the bride got me an Audubon Birdcam that I had picked out.  Here is a link if you want to read more (I have no financial interest).

I'll go ahead and make the obligatory salute to Ultrarunning here by saying that while running in the backcountry, birds are the predominant critter that you will see.  An occasional mammal or reptile, to be sure, but birds are by far the animal that you can count on seeing.  So being handy at bird identification will definitely enhance your running experience.

[image credit Gary...pretty sure it's a Carolina Wren]

[Starling, plus with a ghost-like wing image captured]
My assessment?  If you are wanting something point-and-shoot right out of the box, this probably isn't the right device for you.  It could be more user-friendly, and it requires a fair amount of tweaking to get to adjusted just right for your situation...but I am having a ball with it.
These were some of the first shots I captured and are technically a bit off--underexposed foreground and overexposed background--but I subsequently moved the camera and improved that aspect. 
My next series was just a tad out of focus. An example:

I've since adjusted for the focus, and I'm hoping that the next batch should be pretty well set up.  Keeping fingers crossed!

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