Friday, February 7, 2014

"Inaction of Shoes"...and Ultrarunning

[updated 13 Feb to add an ASICS link]

Now, if that Subject line abo
ve does not reel you in, you obviously have no curiosity whatsoever.  What can this be, the "Inaction of Shoes"?

From The Writer's Almanac for 3 Feb 2014. I know, it's poetry and as I always say here, most people can't hit that DELETE key fast enough. But just read it. It's short.

"Inaction of Shoes" --Ron Padgett
There are many things to be done today
and it's a lovely day to do them in

Each thing a joy to do
and a joy to have done

I can tell because of the calm I feel
when I think about doing them

I can almost hear them say to me
Thank you for doing us

And when evening comes
I'll remove my shoes and place them on the floor

And think how good they look
sitting?... standing?... there

Not doing anything

Our shoes...just sitting?...standing?...there/Not doing anything.  What an image, coming after--to use an Ultrarunning example--a backcountry run of many miles during which thousands of steps are taken, all important, yet all likely taken for granted, along with the shoes that made it all possible.

As long-distance runners, shoes are our lifeblood (I'm setting aside, of course, that segment of the running community that opts for minimized footwear or even barefootedness while running).

I've blogged about this before but seems appropriate to repeat it here.  I have only a couple pairs of dress shoes, and 5 pairs of running shoes:

1. Gnarly trails, rocky, rooty, etc: I have an older pair of Montrail Vitesse that I keep just for this type of running. Perfect example around here is the Appalachian Trail or most of the trails from the Massanutten 100 in VA.

2. Easier trails to dirt roads: I use a pair of Vasque (forget the model). I run in these for the JFK 50 miler in MD.

3. Dirt roads and jeep trails: ASICS 2140 trail, which can also be used just fine on pavement--a great Umstead 100 (NC) shoe.

4. Pavement: Whatever’s on sale, although I have never had a pair of ASICS that I didn’t like.
5. "Ice" shoes, where I've screwed in hex-head screws for traction.  I normally only use these every couple years or so, although this winter has been the exception.  I posted about such shoes in "Modify Your Shoes for Ice".
[image credit Gary]

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