Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Smells of Ultrarunning...Without Leaving the House

No, I'm not talking about sweaty shoes and clothes.  I'm talking about the fresh smells of the outdoors, helpfully brought to us by our friends at Air Wick:

[image credit Gary]

So what if you live on the east coast and can't run at Yosemite?  No problem, just pop open one of these scented oils and voila!  you are transported--in an olfactory sense at least--to enjoy "The rare essence of our National Parks" and specifically the "Wild Strawberry and Mountain Rain" scent, I guess, that represents Yosemite.

I took this photo of a large retail display in Sam's Club, a large discount store along the lines of Costco and BJ's.

I am speechless.


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