Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last Post on Gun Culture and Stand Your Ground

No, not because the problem is resolved.

It's because the problem isn't resolved, and won't be, and writing about it just makes my head hurt.  If the nation didn't take any meaningful action after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, if the bottom line essentially was "Tough break about those kids, but we have this much more important gun fetish to consider," then it's game over for reason and sanity.

So to preserve my sanity I'm gonna stop writing about guns etc. after this post...but not before turning to the Rude Pundit for his unique way with words.  As I have mentioned before, the Rude Pundit uses crude over-the-top language and hyperbole to make his points in a unique way.  And I almost always find myself in total agreement.

Link is here; you'll need to scroll down to his post of 20 Feb 2014, entitled "Jordan Davis Killer Michael Dunn Was Just Another White Coward with a Gun":

Take the gun out of the hands of Michael Dunn, and he backs the fuck up and drives away. See, if you have time to reach in your glove compartment and get your semi-automatic pistol out, you have time to shift into "reverse." If the semi-automatic pistol ain't there, all you got is a car that moves in various directions. Without his gun, George Zimmerman sits in his fuckin' car and waits for the cops. Without his gun, Curtis Reeves goes back to his fucking seat and watches a shitty movie. Because these men, and so many others, are pussies who would never push things to a confrontation without having the gun readily available.
You should be able to defend yourself when you're being attacked. But you should also have the balls to fucking suck it up and walk away or call a cop. Instead, we have states that are filthy with racists who have been told they don't have to back down for anyone, least of all that scary-looking nigger. Well, that racist is gonna think, what the fuck is the gun for anyway?

Think about it.

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