Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day...From Mars

[image credit Phil Plait at Slate, here]
Mr. Plait tells us:
In general, I would've thought valentine-shaped features on other planets would be rare, but that's because I'm a cold-hearted, calculating scientist. Turns out I'd be wrong, as this collage of pictures from the Mars Global Surveyor shows.
These are all either mesas (raised eroded features) or depressions on Mars. My favorite has to be the perfectly-shaped, light-colored tiny heart mesa at the bottom of the crater in picture R09-02121 at the upper right. It's just adorable … even though it's roughly the same size as a football stadium, and the event that formed it was an impact-generated explosion similar to that of a nuclear bomb!

Anyway, for you and yours, enjoy these celestial images and enjoy your Valentine's Day.  Today (and indeed all days) treat the special loved one in your life, well, specially.


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