Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where NOT to Buy Pizza

A year ago, Papa John's boss John Schnatter stepped in it by complaining about Obamacare.  To refresh your memory:

But until he stepped into the politically charged health care debate by answering questions about President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, he was known mostly for his energetic TV spots in which he trades quips with quarterback Peyton Manning and effuses about "Better Ingredients, Better Pizza."

Now pundits and late-night comedians have mocked and vilified him for saying the health care overhaul might add 14 cents to the cost of each pizza — and that some franchisees might cut workers' hours to avoid paying insurance costs.

This weekend many of us will be eating pizza and watching the Super Bowl, but I suggest you consider getting your pizza from anywhere else than Papa John's. 

Think about it in business terms.  Instead of sounding like a quintessential dick representing the 1%, Schnatter lost a golden opportunity to say something like, "Americans need and deserve affordable health care.  So every Papa John's employee, from the full time corporate executive staff down to the newest part-time delivery driver, WILL have employer-provided health care.  Yes, it will add a bit to the cost of each pizza but we ask our loyal customers to do the right thing and vote with their wallets for Papa John's."

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