Friday, January 31, 2014

Cold Statues

The bride and I love landscaping and gardening.  Our humble abode is kind of a showplace of horticulture. 

Of late we have been selectively adding tasteful statuary as enhancements to some our our flower beds, but in roaming around the other day I was struck by how cold and forlorn some of the figures look in the midst of this cold winter.

 Image credit for all = Gary 
Bashful Betty

Granite owl

Terra cotta renard

Chilly mermaid
Kold kitty

Sammy's final resting place**
I'm always on the lookout for appropriate statuary.  High on my list is finding  just the right gargoyle....
**By the way (and I hope this does not come across as crass commercialism), I have a business on the side for people to chisel their own pet memorial markers.  It memorializes your beloved pet.  Moreover, it provides wonderful therapeutic benefits from working through your grief with your own two hands.  And--seriously--it is not difficult, and if you don't like your results I'll refund your money.
Link is here if you are interested in reading more.

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