Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On War, From Two Who Should Know

From displays at Gettysburg National Military Park last week:

[image credit Gary, George Armstrong Custer display]

[image credit Gary, William Tecumseh Sherman display]
The bride and I vividly recall one of those all-night college apartment discussions at the time when the Vietnam War was finally winding down.  One of her roommates took the view that the whole notion of the Geneva Convention and "rules of war" was pretty dumb.  After all, you are trying to kill the other guy, and to agree to rules for doing that, is, well, irrational at best.
War should be no-holds-barred and so terrible that no sentient being would ever contemplate it.
So in the quest for rationality, Sherman above certainly gets the nod.
Custer, well, he kinda got his wish at the end.

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