Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Weather...and Ultrarunning

When I ran at daybreak on Tues at 0 F it was the coldest day here in Antrim Township, Franklin County, southcentral PA, in several years:

[image credits Gary]
The run was dry and clear but colder than hell going into the wind--snotcicle cold. When not heading into the wind it was actually not too bad, but I was dressed in layers using most of the running clothes I own.  Including these:

The tights on the left are my normal winter tights (I am about 5'11" tall with a 34" waist).  The ones on the right, XL footless women's tights, are a second layer for those especially cold days.  Obviously they have to stretch a good bit, because the waist opening is--I swear--a scant 5" wide:

Anyway, the hot tub felt mighty good afterwards!
More winter dressing advice--and a caution about worshipping at the throne of the Dress in Layers god--will follow tomorrow.

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