Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cow # 529 (Esta)

Stock image of Holstein (not Esta), credit to Copyright-Free Images

The other day as I ran near Clay Hill (PA) near my home, I passed a pasture in which a bunch of young Holstein females were grazing.

Suddenly one of them took off running, and I caught a flash of white tail in the tall grass in front of the cow, with the cow in hot pursuit.  My immediate thought was "fox!" but as I kept watching it was actually a large yellow and white cat.

Evidently the cow took exception to the kitty being in the pasture and ran it right out of there.

I stood at the fence and applauded.  Curious, all the cows looked at me and immediately wandered over, standing a respectfully cautious 5 feet back from the fence.  The cat-chaser herself came over, and could see from the tag in her right ear that her number was 529, and in addition she wore a second tag in her left ear that bore the name "Esta."

Well, much as I love cats, my hat's off to Esta for being, well, a cow that heeded a different drummer.

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