Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crosby, Stills, and Nash...Live

[Note: this post was to have run on the 4th, but I messed up my scheduling]
Photo by Gary

Monday night in Baltimore was quite memorable--the bride and I went to a Crosby, Stills and Nash concert on Pier 6.  CSN was one of the bands of our college years and stuck with us.

When we were young and poor, my wedding present to the bride was the hand carved board shown above.  It still hangs proudly in our home, 38 years later.

The band did all their old standbys and a few new tunes as well.  My personal favorite tunes performed that night were Carry On and—of course--Our House.

The guys' voices were still strong and moreover, they just looked like they were having fun.  And the harmonies were still as sweet as ever.

Steven Stills did some serious guitar jamming, especially on the finale in the curtain call, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.  Graham Nash (and this was surprising to me, having never seen them perform live before) was the obvious band and stage leader and was so versatile in playing multiple instruments.  David Crosby just kinda stood there and sang…beautifully.

The crowd was mellow and loving life.  All except the two younger ladies nearby who got into a beer tossing scuffle. Really? At a CSN concert?

Speaking of the crowd—they were largely baby boomers: 60-ish might be a good average guesstimate.  I mentioned to the bride that wouldn't it be awesome if the guys buried the hatchet and Neil Young would happen to "drop in", as former band mates sometimes do? 

She said that if he did probably half the men in the audience would have coronaries.  From the shock, you see.

Anyway, leaving you with this. Try here if the embed fails.  Enjoy.


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