Monday, July 23, 2012

Non-Running Vacation

The bride and I just got back from a 10 day trip to California.  We had a couple of the grandchildren along, and every day was a new adventure.

Although I took my running duds, I ran nary a single step.  And what's more, I didn't (and don't) fell guilty about my hiatus.  One of the key lessons I have learned over the years is that one must have guilt-free leisure time; otherwise there's always something you should be doing. 

It's perfectly OK to not run.  One must eat, sleep, etc., but running--however good it is for us--is not strictly a must-do.  Reminds me of an interview I once saw with Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy, who had lost 3 straight Super Bowls, and was soon to play in a 4th.  The reporter asked Levy whether this one was "must-win."  Levy commented something like "World War II was must-win.  This is only a football game."

Running will resume this week, albeit gingerly.


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