Friday, July 13, 2012

Yet Another Golf Ball...and Ultrarunning

[photo by Gary]

Regular readers have no doubt been impressed by my superb coverage of the subject of finding golf balls along my running routes.  See here, here, here and here for previous in-depth reporting.

Not near any golf courses, or houses, mind you; rather, these spheres are found basically in the middle of nowhere (i.e., along lightly traveled rural roads.

Well, here's yet another installment.  The golf ball pictured here came from a corn field along Hades Church Road (I love that name!).  No houses near, certainly no golf courses or driving ranges within 10 miles.  Just laying there on the edge of a muddy field.

The ball appears to have originally come from a golf establishment such as a driving range.  The name imprinted on the ball is unfortunate in that it immediately conjures up scatological images.  In the interests of science I actually did test the golf ball to see if it floated (no, I used a coffee cup, NOT the toilet!).

It did in fact float, but just barely, as its mass was just a smidge less than the specific gravity of water.  I would have to think that this floating ball would have very different driving characteristics than "normal" golf balls, which sink in water.

Oh, and the link to Ultrarunning?  We back country runners do admittedly have gear and technologies apropos to our sport, but I gotta believe that it's a LOT more simple that golf technology.  Plus more fun!

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  1. Lots of folks hit shag balls on their property in the "wilderness" or other areas where they will do no damage. Wooded areas, church yards, parks and public areas are areas I either have hit balls at or know friends who have. I would guess that what you find are balls that are not worth retrieving by the golfer practicing his craft.