Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chuck Norris Has Been Playing With Trains Again

Photo by Gary

Photo by Gary

Photo by Mister Tristan (the 4-year old human being, not the blog)

Shots taken just north of Greencastle, PA.  I didn't know Chuck was in the area, or that he was pissed.  Of course, ill-tempered is probably his normal state of mind.

The link to Ultrarunning is that many of my preferred routes, either locally or when I travel, involve either real trains or rails-to-trails routes.  One of Norfolk Southern's main lines thru southern PA into Maryland/points south lays 1/2 mile from my home (it's the line shown here).  I have to cross it to get anywhere to the west.

Growing up as I did in western PA, railroads were an integral part of my childhood.  I remain fascinated with them, retaining the wonder I felt as a boy.  And anytime I can integrate a run with a railroad, I'm happy.


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