Friday, July 6, 2012

Things Gardening...and Ultrarunning

Photo by Gary

Some of the fruits of my garden labors this year: 10 gallons--some 55-60 lbs--of new red potatoes (unfortunately, I forget the exact variety).  These came from approximately 28' linear feet of planted row.

I posted last summer about "Raising Potatoes," which is the local phrase used for harvesting one's potato crop.  Well, these were raised on the 4th of July.  I got them planted quite early, in our abnormally warm March of 2012.

The bride and I grilled some rib eye steaks and a few of these potatoes, cut into chunks and tossed with some olive oil and tarragon wine vinegar to coat them for the grill.  Oh, and some of our sugar snap peas and fresh tomatoes, also from the garden.  Quite the feast!

The nexus to Ultrarunning?  Healthy eating, of course!  I know that over the years I have tended to think that my fitness from running conveys some sort of immunity from the normal laws of cause and effect that rule the rest of the world.  That despite family history, running gave me a bye on eating and drinking whatever I choose.

Well, nobody gets out of here alive.  My remaining years are far fewer than the years I've already put in, so whatever I can do to ensure the quality and duration of my life is, well, pretty darn important.

So eat and drink wisely, my friends.

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